Around the World in 80 Days Highlights!
July 8, 2022

From May 5 to July 24, we took a trip around the world, visiting one feature destination each week on our Facebook page! At each stop, we enjoyed a new recipe inspired by the local cuisine, with a local drink pairing, specially selected by our team at Discovery Co-op Wine & Spirits. 

In case you didn't "catch the flight" for our trip, or if you simply enjoyed yourself so much you'd like to revisit some destinations, we have the highlights for you below! 

Destination 1  Saskatchewan 

Destination 2  Kentucky

Destination 3  California

Destination 4  Mexico

Destination 5  Argentina

Destination 6  Japan 

Destination 7  Italy 

Destination 8  Spain 

Destination 9  Germany 

Destination 10  France 

Destination 11  Scotland 

Destination 12  British Columbia