Cardlock Safety
April 21, 2020

At Discovery Co-op, the safety of all of our guests is our top priority. Our Cardlock locations are a great way to fuel up during and after regular business hours and also maintain social distancing.

Please be mindful that regular fuel filling rules and safety tips apply at all cardlock and bulk filling stations.

7 Safety Tips while at the Cardlock:

  • Turn off your engine when filling your tank
  • Don't ever smoke, use a lighter or light a match around the fueling area
  • Please refrain from using your mobile phone while fueling
  • Discharge static electricity prior to handling the fuel pump
  • Don't let children pump fuel
  • Drive safely in and around fueling areas
  • Be careful when storing or handling petrol

Want more information on Discovery Co-op's Cardlock locations and program? Click here to connect with our Agro team.

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